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Message from Executive Director Sharon Eadie, March 2016:


Communication – COTM to you and you to COTM

Recent events have emphasized the increasing importance of effective communication between COTM and its members.

One of the key reasons for the Annual General Meeting is to provide members with information regarding the activities of the College. The Annual Report is prepared with a view to highlighting the progress COTM is making towards its key strategic directions, along with a presentation of the audited financial report. This event also creates a forum for conversation. The planned fee increases triggered many questions at the AGM.

Members and the MB Society of Occupational Therapists (MSOT) have posed questions in a quest to better understand the plan and purpose COTM has for this additional revenue. We hope the emails that have been sent out over the past few months have been useful. COTM is grateful for the time MSOT has invested to gain an understanding of COTM’s work. We look forward to continuing to receive assistance from MSOT to ensure that occupational therapists in MB have the answers they are seeking.

The flip side of this message, is that COTM members also have a responsibility to communicate back and to stay in contact with COTM. The recent CCP PREP and Paper Audit cycle once again has illuminated that some members do not realize how critical it is to keep COTM up to date on contact information, email address changes and changes in employment and registration status. For some, this oversight has resulted in additional costs such as the administration fee directed to recover costs associated with late responses.

All COTM members have obligations regarding communication with the College. To refresh your knowledge of what the COTM By-laws say about this, click here. Given the use of email as a primary means of communication with COTM, it is especially important that you have communicated a current email address to COTM and check this address regularly.

On that point, you are urged to use an email address that you:

  • check frequently, 
  • do not share with another person who might inadvertently delete COTM correspondence, and 
  • control - so that you can set filters to prevent COTM messages from being screened out and can access at any time.

If you are relying on a work email address, you have an absolute obligation to update COTM when you change jobs or go on a leave of absence. COTM can only use one email address for you and will use the one which you have identified as your preferred address.

We cannot underestimate the importance of communication. The important job of regulating quality occupational therapy practice in Manitoba depends on it.

As always, if in your visit to the COTM website, you do not see or find the information you are seeking, please let us know by contacting us at 




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