Complaints Process

If you have a concern about an occupational therapist, you should contact COTM by calling 1-204-957-1214 or 1-866-957-1214 (toll free in Manitoba only).

COTM must receive all complaints in writing. Please include:

  • your name and address,
  • the name of the occupational therapist, and
  • details about the event: the date, time, place and name of any other persons involved.

If necessary, COTM will provide you with information to assist you in filing a complaint.

The COTM Investigation Committee investigates complaints or information that is brought to the attention of COTM. The committee consists of three members appointed by the COTM Council:

  1. one public member,
  2. one COTM council member, and
  3. one COTM member.

If you wish to file a complaint, send it via email to:
      or by regular mail to:

      The Registrar
      College of Occupational Therapists of Manitoba (COTM)
      7 – 120 Maryland Street
      Winnipeg, Manitoba  CANADA R3G 1L1

More Info

For an explanation of the process, refer to Part 6 of The Occupational Therapists Act

To answer the question: What can I expect from my OT?

please use the following guiding documents:

COTM Code of Ethics

Essential Competencies of Practice for Occupational Therapists in Canada, 3rd Edition 2011

Practice Guidelines