CCP Materials for Renewal

Apr 10 2017

Renewal this year is a little different because copies of the annual CCP materials are required instead of the declaration of completion for both the online and paper renewal applications. All members were emailed a detailed instruction set for the online renewal including the CCP portion on April 7, 2017. Check your inbox if you have not seen it.

COTM is noticing some confusion about the PREP Quiz evidence requirement. Prior to 2015, members were required to save a copy of their PREP quiz results and a confirmation of receipt of PREP declaration as well as their completed PREP Worksheet.

In 2015, the first 2 pieces of required evidence were discontinued and the completed PREP Worksheet is now the only required evidence of PREP participation.

The PREP Worksheet is on the last page of every PREP Resource Document. As part of the PREP requirement, members must record their answers to the PREP quiz, enter the correct answers and summarize the results of a their reflection concerning whether there is a learning goal arising from the comparison of their anwers and those in the COTM Answers and Rationale. A fully completed PREP Worksheet has every row in columns 2, 3 and 5 filled out. There is not always need for a comment in Column 4 but feel free to enter your ideas for future learning or investigation.

Members were advised to save a copy of the PREP Resource Document and/or attached Worksheet but copies of generic PREP Worksheets are available on the website at

A completed copy of the Worksheet is required for every COTM renewal this year. If you have any questions about your renewal application this year, please call or email us at the COTM office.


















April 13 Update: Check out materials in the CCP area of the website like the COTM CCP Materials Checklist that can help members organize their materials to prepare for a Paper Audit.